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Finland is a country known for its polite nordic life style. The northern lights are right over your head and more spectacular than you could ever imagine. Groomed nordic skiing is not just a sport, but a way of everyday life, especially for the Finnish people of Lapland. Lapland is the area in Finland above the northern arctic circle. One thousand kilometers of beautifully groomed track lace this incredible area together over giant lakes, forests, meadows and tunturis (mountains). With this trip being in the middle of March, everyday is blessed with very long and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. This amazing spectacle occurs in Lapland's far north location. It is the changing from the “dark season” to the “light season”, which is Spring-time in Finland.

This trip is truly a Classic Nordic skier's dream come true. We ski on classic racing skis that are waxable. Generally this time of year we are blessed with cold nights and mild day time temperatures, making daily kick waxing pretty easy. (Skate skiing is a spring event only, after temperature rise and the snow goes through more of a melt - freeze period.) We ski 25 - 35 kilometers a day for six days straight. We ski from cottage to cottage along our journey from Rauhala to Hetta. All gear that is not needed for the day is transported for you to our next cottage. We ski with small day packs and carry spare clothes, food, water and thermos of a hot beverage.

We will encounter huts along the trail system, all with firewood, some even with warm drinks and food. Each day we are fully supported with three meals of local fair. Meals are always unique and very deliciously filling. We sleep in beautiful cottages along the vast trail system, all with Finnish saunas, some with running water and some without. It's very comfortable, yet not four star.

It is imperative that you are a good group person. As a group we share daily duties in our adventure together. We stay in cozy comfortable cottages, and sleep in separate beds or bunks, but we are in close proximity to our adventure companions. This group dynamic is one you must be comfortable with to fully enjoy the experience and for everyone else’s benefit, as well.

Skiing ability and fitness are also essential to get the most out of the trip. You must have mastered the basics of kick and glide and be a proficient Classic skier (diagonal stride). We can assist you with some instructional pointers if you desire, as we are instructors, as well as guides, but you must be an intermediate to advanced skier. Fitness level expectations for the trip include the ability to Nordic ski for 5 - 7 hours per day, for 6 days in a row.

We strive to create groups that are cohesive and compatible for maximum adventure enjoyment. If this unique type of ski experience sounds like “you”, we would love to have you join us in the Spring of 2010 for the most incredible Nordic adventure of your life.

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Trip includes:

  • Airport transfers
  • Hut accommodations
  • All meals
  • Instruction and guiding


Does not include:

  • Airfare
  • Alcohol

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